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If you just add bromine tablets, without first adding Sodium Bromide, you will have trouble getting a good reading for Bromine levels in the spa, and the water could be unhealthy. Build a bromide bank first, of 10-15 ppm of Sodium Bromide, shock the spa, and then add a few tablets to a bromine floater to maintain a bromine residual of 3-5ppm (or 1-3ppm for Spas using mineral purifiers or. If your spa already has bromine in it, every time you add shock (whether chlorine or non-chlorine), this existing bromine will get reactivated, and you will still have a bromine spa. There's unfortunately no way to completely remove bromine from the water without doing a full drain, clean and refill—including flushing the plumbing lines with a cleaner like Ahh-Some Add sodium bromide to the water to create a bromide bank. For bromine to be a more effective sanitizing agent in your spa, there needs to be a residual level of bromides present in the water. When you're setting up bromine in your spa water, start by pouring in granular sodium bromide according to the directions on the packaging A bromine bank is a reserve of sodium bromide ions in the water. The sodium bromide dissolves into bromine via spa shock, ozone or liquid chlorine. (Links will take you out to recommended products on Amazon) The average sodium bromide tablets compose of about 30% chlorine and 70% bromine

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For many years bromine sanitation of spas has been accomplished with a bromide salt in either liquid or granular form (such as sodium bromide, which has a pH of 6.5 to 8), coupled with a separate granular oxidizer (activator), usually potassium monopersulfate specially buffered for use in spas to neutralize its acidity Although bromine is generally easier on the skin and eyes than chlorine, there is still the potential for an adverse reaction. This reaction can include itchy, red eyes and irritation of the respiratory system. The amount used to keep pools and spas free of microorganisms and bacteria is low enough that most people are not bothered Bromine and chlorine will sanitize and oxidize pool or spa water, but bromine works better at higher temperatures and is softer on the skin, whereas chlorine is cheaper, works for longer, and doesn't break down as quickly in ultraviolet light, especially when coupled with cyanuric acid Bromine is produced from the spa disinfectant Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin, a bromine chemical actually available OTC to Australians. It is a beautiful sunny.. Generally, these would be 3 - 5 ppm chlorine or 2 - 3 ppm bromine. However, Total Maintenance is doing two things in your spa water to ensure you always enjoy a great experience. First, it is also killing all pathogens in your spa water and thereby reducing the bather load your primary sanitizer has to deal with

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  1. Blue Connect Plus är en smart enhet som automatiskt analyserar flera parametrar och fungerar med salt, klor och brom i pooler och spabad. 5290.00:-. Mer info. Röranslutning för Blue Connect. Artikelnr. PSK 41520. 325.00:-. Mer info. AquaChek TruTest Spa Reader inkl. 25 test stickor
  2. iraler och brom som doseras ut i spavattenet över tiden. Finns i webblager. * Viss slutförsäljning kan förekomma. Artikelnr: 102582
  3. e has chemical similarities to chlorine. However, if you're thinking of sanitizing your hot tub, you should probably use bro
  4. e spas or hot tub owners that can't cope with the intense nature of chlorine. But that's not all
  5. e, you need to generate a sufficient level of bromide ions in the water. Regular shocking, or oxidation, will convert bromide to bro
  6. e are the most common sanitizers used to clean hot tub water. Both sanitizers combat germs and scum in the hot tub to make the water clean and safe but these sanitizers can't do all the work. But, can you use chlorine shock in a bro

Bromine Tablets 5 lbs. Delivery to US-48 Only This item is not available for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. Premium 1-1/4 Bromine Tablets provide excellent spa sanitizing without nearly the odor of chlorine. Maximum potency and slow-dissolving. You cannot buy better quality bromine tablets for your hot tub at any price. Guaranteed fresh Bromine has chlorine against the ropes, and in the sixth round, has delivered a knockout blow! Bromine is a great alternative to chlorine when used in a spa. It can kill bacteria at high temperatures and is more effective at controlling pH levels. So, which is better - bromine or chlorine? Bromine is best for spas, use chlorine for pools Indeed, bromine is able to disinfect correctly your water with a pH level situated between 7 and 7.8. However, the disinfectant action of bromine diminues beyond a pH of 8. How to make a treatment of your spa with bromine ? We recommend you to treat your spa with bromine as it is less dependent on the water parameters than chlorine 4-Piece Spa Bromine. Model #472-3-3001-04. Take Care of Your Hot Tub With Products From Lowe's. Owning a hot tub makes it easier than ever to relax in soothing warm water, right in your own backyard

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The SpaPure Bromine Complete Spa Care Kit was designed to have all of the necessary chemicals your hot tub needs, all in one convenient place. This kit has the important chemicals your spa would need to start maintaining a proper water chemistry, with crystal clear water. Use this kit to simplify your spa needs Historia. Brom upptäcktes 1826 av fransmannen Antoine Jérôme Balard i moderluten från havssaltstillverkning.Bromets existens verifierades av Gay-Lussac och Thénard, samt Vauquelin.Gay-Lussac föreslog namnet brom, som hämtats från grekiskans bronos, stank, och syftar på bromets starka lukt.Oberoende av Barnard utvanns brom vid samma tid av tyskarna Carl Jacob Löwig och Justus von Liebig Bromide vs bromine is a sliding scale based on the pH of the water, and if you drop that pH too low, your bromine will almost all turn to bromide, and the water can't actually take a brownish tint due to this. I've personality seen it happen when adding acid to a large (8kgal) bromine spa that wasn't being maintained right (before I got there!)

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  1. e, like chlorine, is a sanitizer and oxidizer that destroys organic conta
  2. e Spa Starter Pack Tillverkare: Essentials Varumärke: Essentials Storlek: 2,4 kg Grundläggande vägbeskrivning: Precis vad du behöver för att komma igång med underhållet av ditt spabad! Ytterligare anmärkningar: Innehåller: 500 g Brom-granulat, 500 g pH-höjare, 750 g pH-sänkare, 500 g Skumborttagare, 2x 35g Spa-Refresh, 1 burk teststicko
  3. ating products are the preferred sanitizer for most spas. Since spas are usually covered or indoor, the bro
  4. e to your spa water, aim for a level between 3 and 5 ppm. A water care routine will help you keep the water clean and clear. Choosing Between Chlorine and Bro
  5. e tends to work better (it's more stable) in warmer temperatures than chlorine, and is usually gentler on the skin. Bro
  6. e may be consumed quickly in its effort to prevent the algae. Shock the water or add an algaecide and brush the sides of the spa to prevent this from happening and bring your chlorine/bro

Chlorine spas require much more active maintenance and attention than bromine spas. Without constant attention, chlorine spas are much more likely to become cloudy or green. In addition, the pH of spas can often increase rapidly, and bromine is less exposed to these pH fluctuations Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge 150g . £39.99. Rating: 96%. 14 Reviews. Spa Frog Complete Floating Sanitising System . £17.99. Rating: 99%. 44 Reviews. Happy Hot Tubs Bromine Granules 1kg . £18.50. Rating: 100%. 1 Review. Relax Spa Brominating (Bromine) Granules 1kg. Dangers of Bromine. 1. Disrupts Thyroid Function. Exposure to bromine severely impacts the thyroid gland and causes hormonal issues. Bromine competes with iodine, an essential nutrient that supports the health of the thyroid. Bromine and iodine are absorbed in similar fashion and animal research has found that bromine exposure limits. Spa Chemicals. Spa Sanitisers and Shock. 1 Kg Bromine Tablets. Description. Reviews. For use in spa or pool water with temperatures greater than 28 deg C. Dosage rate is approx 1 tablet per 1000 litres of water. Active constituent: 650g/kg available Bromine. 280g/kg available Chlorine present as Bromochlorodimethylyydantoin Yes. A bromine spa still requires a weekly shock. Without shock, the bromine won't be activated and will turn into bromamines which can give false readings on test strips and lead to unsafe water conditions. For bromine to be effective, enough bromides need to be available. Over time, and with each time you drain your spa or hot tub, your.

Spa Selections Bromine is a two-part system, including Spa Selections Brominating Tablets and Spa Selections Brom-Start. Overall, bromine tends to be more popular among spa owners because unlike chlorine, bromine is effective over a wider pH range, doesn't irritate your eyes and will not bleach bathing suits Bromine When bromine is added to a hot tub or spa, it's in the form of bromide ions. It's then activated with an oxidizer to form hypobromous acid. Hypobromous acid is the killing form of bromine. When hypobromous acid reacts with an organic contaminant it's reduced back to bromide ions. The bromide ions can then Continue reading Bromine Informatio Add Spa Pure Stain & Scale Preventer at the rate of 4 Tablespoons per 500 gallons of water while the spa is filling. Once full and the water temperature has reached 80 degrees or more balance alkalinity first and then the PH (See: weekly section 1 (b) & 1 (c) for correct ranges) Now add SpaGuard Granular Bromine at the rate of 2 Tablespoons per. Viskan Spa. Örbyvägen 29 511 63 Skene, Sverige +46 320-205590. info@viskanspa.se. Öppettider telefonväxel Måndag-fredag 10-16 Gäller ditt ärende service klicka här. Please leave this field empty. Genom din kontaktförfrågan samtycker du till att vi tar del av de personuppgifter du valt att delge 1.5 lb. bottle of Bromine Tablets for hot tubs. Excellent spa sanitizer without nearly the odor of chlorine. 98% active ingredient. 1-1/4 Brominating Tabs., Shop for Bromine Tablets 1.5 lbs. at SpaDepot.com, Spa Water Sanitizers & Shock, Spa Choice, CA100

Bromine swiftly eliminates the presence of organic matter left behind by spa users (oil, sweat, dead skin cells). Because bromine doesn't contain calcium, it can be used to sanitize hard water without increasing the calcium hardness percent of bromine residual can be depleted by the sun in a two-hour time period. Because there is no known way to retain a reliable level of bromine when exposed to sunlight, many experts recommend it for indoor pools or spas only. FYI: The acceptable range of bromine for your pool or spa is from 2.0 to 4.0 ppm Spa owners usually choose one of two chemicals to sanitize their hot tub: chlorine or bromine. Both of these are classified as halogens and belong to the same chemical family. They have similar properties and both sanitize and oxidize contaminants in the water. However, they differ in how they do this and bromine often performs [ Add sodium bromide to your spa, following the label instructions, each time you drain and refill. Use spa shock after building your bromide bank, and weekly thereafter, to activate bromine. Use bromine tablets in a small floater, to help maintain bromide and bromine levels Bromine tablets are more expensive than chlorine, Bromine is not as widely available as chlorine, Bromine is not as effectively stabilized from the sun Which is better for me, chlorine or bromine? So if you have a big pool we would suggest to use chlorine but if it's a small pool or a spa bromine would be a solution for those who are irritated by chlorine

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Well, when spa pool bromine tablets have dissolved in your spa water and after that lengthy chemical reaction, no bromine remains in your spa water. So - it's not dangerous! Just as long as you balance your spa's pH range between 7.2-7.4 prior to using spa bromine tablets, and test for total bromine (hypobromous and hypochlorous acid) after 20-30 minutes The recommended amount of bromine to use in spa water is 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm). To determine the current level of bromine in your hot tub water, use a bromine test kit available from your local spa dealer. Follow the instructions on the package and be sure to ask your dealer any questions you have about the water purification process If excess bromide ion is in the water (say, from adding sodium bromide) or there is spent bromine in the spa (sanitizing bromine is reduced to bromide), then the chlorine from the BCDMH will simply activate (oxidize) the bromide back into sanitizing bromine (the chlorine is then converted into chloride ion) We provide ultimate Spaboss bromine tablets for spa and also offer bromine granules. These bromine tablets and granules can be used to get rid of harmful bacteria in the hot tub. Shop now and have a bacteria free hot tub My spa has an ozonator and it seems to me based on the recent readings I have done that an ozonator can be used in either a chlorine spa (like I am running right now) or a bromine spa (what I am thinking of converting to)

Apply to the spa while the water is circulating or as it is being filled. Add 2 ounces for every 100 gallons of water. Introduce Brominating Tabs to the spa in a dispensing device and adjust to maintain 2-4 ppm of bromine Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge for Marquis Spa's Pre-filled granular bromine sanitizer for use with the Spa frog conditioning cartridge. Controls bacteria and algae in spa water. $24.99. Add to Cart Quick view. Qty in Cart: 0. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Price: $24.99. Subtotal: Add to Cart. Kit includes: Spa Essentials Bromine Tablets or Granular (select above)- 800g. Spa Essentials Alkalinity Increaser - 500g. Spa Essentials pH Increaser - 500g. Spa Essentials pH Decreaser - 500g. Spa Essentials Quick Clear Oxidizing Shock - 1kg. Spa Essentials Filter Cleaner pre measured pack - 1 packet

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Frog Spa Bromine Cartridge provides spa and hot tub owners utilizing the Spa Frog System with an easy way to introduce bromine sanitizer into their systems in a self-contained cartridge, eliminating the need for measuring and lasting 2-4 weeks. Bromine Cartridge kills bacteria, reduces lingering odors, and removes oth At Spa Store, we're proud to stock a great range of brand name products, covering all your needs from testing to treatment. We sell factory authorised spa chemicals designed specifically for spas to provide you more choices for better water treatment. These products are an important way to ensure that water is both clean and hygienic From $23.97. Spa Selections Bromine Tablets for Spas and Hot Tubs - 3.6 lbs. 77. 4.5 out of 5 Stars. 77 reviews. 3+ day shipping. 1 Inch Swimming Pool & Spa Bromine Sanitizer Tabs Tablets - 25 lbs. $264.94. current price $264.94. 1 Inch Swimming Pool & Spa Bromine Sanitizer Tabs Tablets - 25 lbs When adding sodium bromide, the gauge indicator will gradually shift to the right. When adding clean water to the spa, the indicator will shift to the left. In order to achieve the proper level, start pumps and add 227g (.5 lb) of BromiCharge™ at a time and always allow 5 minutes for the gauge to react before adding more sodium bromide

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Lo-Chlor Aquaspa Spa Sanitiser 2.5L - Spa Chemical. Sold out. $69.99. Add to Cart. This is the heart and soul of the Aquaspa Chlorine-Free and Bromine-Free spa system. The Aquaspa Spa sanitiser is approved for use in hot tubs and spas, having been proven to prevent algae growth and kill any harmful bacteria that may have found their way into. For dispensing chlorine or bromine to maintain balanced and healthy spa / hot tub water for above-ground pools, this floating adjustable-chlorine / bromine dispenser features a disbersement-release ring that gives you control of the level of chlorine needed for maintaining clean sparkling water

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  1. e, shock, balancing products and more online. We make taking care of your hot tub, spa, and swim
  2. e in my spa sticky instructions. It's going well but I have a couple of questions/issues around bro
  3. ating Tablets (750g) by Pool Supplies Canada (2) $39.99. $34.99. In Stock Spa Bro
  4. e tablets. 300 and 320 Series filters available in clear amber for easy tablet level monitoring
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Product Name: Zodiac Spa Bromine Sanitiser Tablets Page: 2 of 5 This version issued: January, 2019 Issued by Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd 219 Woodpark Road, Smithfield, NSW 2164 Phone: 1300 763 021 (office hours) Page: 2 of 5 P309+P311 If exposed or if you feel unwell: Call a POISON CENTRE or doctor/physician. P391: Collect spillage Sodium Bromide when first filling your spa to ensure a fully bromine-based sanitizer system. APPLICATION 1 To begin, add half an ounce of Leisure Time® Sodium Bromide for every 100 gallons of water to establish an initial bromide reserve in the water. For your convenience, your spa care kit includes a floate

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Also, I read their info on bromine and much of it was warnings about elemental bromine which is NOT what is used in spas. The most common way to introducr bromine into a spa is by the salt sodium bromide. Their info about combining chlorine and bromine is pure rubbish Bromine is the third halogen, being a nonmetal in group 17 of the periodic table. Its properties are thus similar to those of fluorine, chlorine, and iodine, and tend to be intermediate between those of the two neighbouring halogens, chlorine, and iodine.Bromine has the electron configuration [Ar]4s 2 3d 10 4p 5, with the seven electrons in the fourth and outermost shell acting as its valence. Starting Bromine: With bromine hot tub start up, you will want to establish a reserve of bromide in the spa or hot tub water.Bromide Booster is not a disinfectant on its own but must be added prior to using brominating tablets for the first time. The bromide is converted to the bromine sanitizer upon addition of shock or oxidizer. Using a bromide booster product will ensure that the.

Bromine Quick-Start Guide 1. Clean Tub & New or Clean Filter(s) Fill spa with fresh water. After full, jets must be on to circulate the water while adding chemicals to effectively distribute throughout entire tub. 2. Fill spa and circulate water with jets 3 There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools, hot tubs or spas, or water playgrounds. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools, hot tubs or spas, and water playgrounds should inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19

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  4. e Feeder) - Spa Accessories. Life Deluxe Spa Floating Dispenser is ideal for spas/hot tubs and small pools. Features: Easy access for bro
  5. e use up to 50%* with FROG
  6. e in the atmosphere (BR2) will react with photochemically-produced hydroxyl radicals; the half-life for this reaction in air is estimated to be 8.6 hours. Bro
  7. e is released in water containing this product. Useful Tips: This product should be added when the spa/hot tub is filled and weekly thereafter to maintain a bank of bromide in the water. Compatible with bro

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Bromine Booster is ideal for use in spas and hot tubs to assist in sanitizing the water. Add Bromine Booster after draining your spa, to quickly build a level of bromide ions in the water, which can then be reactivated with an oxidizer. Bromine Booster makes it much easier to achieve a bromine residual when using bromine tabs How many bromine tablets do I put in my hot tub? COMMERCIAL: Add 31 tablets per 10,000 gallons every 5 - 7 days or as needed to maintain an active bromine residual of between 3 and 5 ppm at all times. Introduce 3 tablets per 300 gallons of spa water with the use of a floating tablet feeder or automatic brominator installed on the spa equipment

Spa Bromine Base - 1 lb. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store SpaGuard Brominating Tablets are an organic alternative to chlorine that provide a time release sanitation solution for your hot tub. Their unique size and shape allow for controlled dispensing over time to keep your spa water consistent, fresh and clean A bromine-containing stick was developed in 1958, because of the risks of using fluid bromine. This stick exists of bromine-chlorine-dimethylhydantoin (Dihalo, DMH).Both chlorine and bromine are attached to a nitrogen atom, which acts as an organic support. Applied to water, DHM is hydrolyzed and forms hypochlorous acid Bromine is widely found in spas and hot tubs, as it remains stable in hot water. Bromamines can attack and kill bacteria just about as effectively and quickly as free chlorine or free bromine. But you need less bromine than chlorine to sanitize a pool. Last but not least, bromine is very beneficial to people with naturally sensitive skin Fast and effective bromine tablets from Waterco for hot pool water conditions. Find more pool chemicals and spa sanitisers on Swimart Australia

Spa Bromine Base - 3 lbs. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store Discount spa chemicals including bromine, chlorine, pH plus and minus, alkalinity plus, shock treatment and even test strips are available online at Hot Tub Outpost. Best spa chemical prices for QCA Spas and other brands of hot tubs Spa Choice Bromine Tabs fit in most spa feeders and floaters to continuously sanitize your spa or hot tub. Bromine is a powerful and effective sanitizer like chlorine, but it is odorless and less irritating to your skin and eyes. Spa Choice bromine tabs are \pre-stabilized,\ so your water is silky smooth without using a stabilizer or conditioner The SPA FROG mineral cartridge must be used along with the Bromine Cartridge (EPA Reg No. 53735-10) in an EPA registered bromine delivery device such as the in-line feeder system by FROG. The Frog In-Line system is used by Emerald Spa, Caldera Spas, Leisure Bay spas, Marquis Spas, Morgan Spas, Pacific Hot Tubs, Saratoga Spas and in the Watkins Hot Spot Bromine works better at higher temperatures than chlorine. Above 75°F, bromine remains stable, whereas chlorine is more effective in temperatures as low as 65°F. This makes bromine a better choice for hot tubs and spas, and an unheated pool will be better served by the use of chlorine

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Spa Bromine Tablets™ - 4lb. $69.99. Quick view Add to Cart. Quick view Add to Cart. Frog. FROG @Ease® SmartChlor Cartridge - 3 pack. $48.95. Quick view Add to Cart. Quick view Add to Cart. Frog. FROG @Ease® Floating Sanitizing System. $54.95. Quick view Add to Cart. Quick view Add. Bromine is an alternative sanitizer used in spas and hot tubs. Bromine doesn't require stabilization which means it's better suited for hot and warm water environments. 1 Bromine Tablets are 65% Bromine and 30% Chlorine. They can be used with either floating dispensers or in chemical feeders

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184 bromine stock photos are available royalty-free. Focus on Bromine Chemical Element. From the Mendeleev Periodic Table. The woman in a bathing suit lies in bromine - an iodic bathtub. The beautiful woman in a bathing suit lies in medical bromine - an iodic bathtub Delphin spa bromin salt 3 kg. kr 990 (inkl. mva) 3 kg brominsalt som kun kan benyttes i bad som har en bromingenerator. Datablad. Kjøp. Del For the best range in Water Softeners & Swimming Pool Chemicals visit Chemsol Direct, the best products and prices available online, visit us today Spa Starter Kit. from Water Trends. Great Price: $39.99. Sale Price: $35.99. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more

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SpaPure Bromine starter spa care kit. Kit contains: Spa Oxidizing Shock - 20 oz pH Up - 1 lb pH Down - 1.5 lb Clarifier - 1 pt Stain & Scale Preventer - 1 pt Simply Soft - 6 oz x 2 Sodium Bromide - 2 oz Test Strips Spa Care Guid Automatic Bromine Generator For Spa Sanitizing DOMESTIC A maximum of 2000 Liters of water can be treated with one in.clear Automatic Bromine Generator unit. Maximum output of Hypobromus Acid equivalent to 0.04 kg of free available bromine per day. For spas, a range of 3 - 5 ppm of free available bromine must be maintained Add 0.5 ml of bromine to 100 ml of water. Or crush an ampoule under 200 ml of water and decant the liquid into a bottle. Refer to CLEAPSS Hazcard HC015b and Recipe Book RB017 for alternative method. Bromine is VERY TOXIC, CORROSIVE and DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - see CLEAPSS Hazcards HC015a and HC015b, plus CLEAPSS Recipe Book RB017 Spa Bromine Tablets. $ 30.64 - $ 455.19 inc. GST. For the control of algae and bacteria in spa, pools and hot tubs. Contents size - 20g tablets. (Freight surcharge required for this product as it is classed as Dangerous Goods) Package. Choose an option 1kg 20kg 2kg. Clear. Spa Bromine Tablets quantity Spas should be drained and refilled with fresh water every 3-4 months. Using the In-Line Spa Frog System: With a freshly filled hot tub - for the first 3 hours, se the Spa Frog Bromine Cartridge to #3 by holding the bottom and turning the top until the number 3 appears in the setting window

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Spa Brominating Tablets (750g) by Pool Supplies Canada. . 440 Mini Premium Floater Dispenser for Spa, Hot Tube and Small Pools for 1 Inch Chlorine or Bromine Tablets. (Tablets NOT Included) Adjustable Chemical Float from 0 to 13 Flow Control Chlorine Bromine Tablets Floating Dispenser Floater Spa Hot Tub Swimming Poo. Brand New. C $11.73. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $9.31 shipping. Free returns Slides changed after scrolling. View on Vehicle. $47.99. Spa Kit with Bromine is convenient and easy to use. Incldues everything you need to maintain your spa in one box. Easy to use bromine test strips provide accurate readings. $47.99. QTY Bromine is a water Sanitizer. It kills bacteria and other living organisms in your water. It doesn`t make the water `look` cleaner, but it is essential for a clean, safe, enjoyable spa experience. A concentrated source of active bromine. These tablets dissolve slowly and evenly in spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection of. Solus Spa Start Up Kit For Bromine Treated Spas. In stock. SKU. 00922971. Please choose a store to view pricing and availability. Choose A Store. This bromine spa chemical kit includes: Quick Shot Bromine Booster: Establishes a quick bromide reserve in spa water. Brominating Plus: A bactericide, algaecide, and disinfectant with no chlorine odor HASA HI-TEMP SPA BROMINE RESERVE Safety Data Sheet (SDS No. 407) Revision Date: 01/01/2015 (Supersedes previous revisions) Page 3 of 9 SECTION 4: FIRST AID MEASURES 4.1 IF IN EYES • Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. • Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, the